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Elevator Modernization Service

The life span of the average elevator is 15-25 years.

As an elevator ages, the equipment gets worn and repairs often become more frequent and expensive. That’s when it’s time to modernize!
Don’t spend money repairing outdated equipment. Apply that money towards a modernization instead and give your old elevator new life. Modernization overhauls and upgrades your elevator. With modernization, even if your elevator is 25 years old you can upgrade it to include the latest technology! No matter the make or model of your elevators, we can help you make significant mechanical upgrades to cut costs and improve efficiency.During an initial field survey, we’ll assess the condition of your elevators and recommend whether it’s better to retain, modernize or replace your equipment. If modernization is the best option, our team will implement the latest technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance and safety for you and your passengers.
When assessing your elevators, our technicians will examine the following parts and components before providing modernization recommendations.
1 : In case Hydraulic Elevators
Control Systems, Fixtures, Power Unit, Jack Assembly, Control Valve, Overspeed/Pipe Rupture Valve, Silencer, Car Sling/Platform, Guide Shoes, Buffers & Door Operators.

2 : In case Geared or Gearless Traction Elevators
Hoisting Machine, Hoisting Motor, Motor Generator Set, Control Systems and Fixtures, Buffers, Guide Shoes, Safety, Solid State Drive Units Brake Assembly, Rope Brake, Door Operators, Car Sling/Platform, Overspeed Governor/Governor Rope Tension Sheave Assembly & Counterweight, Frame and Fillers.

Many of our elevator modernization projects also include interior cab renovations. Using pre-manufactured items for cost efficiency or customized options for a distinct design, a cab renovation can include upgrades to:
Ceiling Panels, Lighting, Buttons, Wall Panels, Pads, Handrails and Bumpers, Flooring & Doors.
Modernizing an elevator can increase the value of your property, decrease energy consumption and improve overall safety. Here’s a look at some of the most substantial cost savings to be had:
Motor Drive Replacement
Modern AC digital drives eliminate the need to convert to DC power, and only consume power when the elevator is running. By generating less heat and consuming less power, this elevator modernization can reduce annual energy costs.
DC Motor Replacement
Converting a DC motor to an AC motor is often done at the same time as the motor drive replacement. Elevators with this upgrade require less energy and omit less heat, which can lower electricity bills and reduce BTU loading.
Smart Controllers
Modern elevator digital controllers use advanced algorithms to boost energy efficiency. By continuously scanning all activity and reassigning calls as necessary, new hoist motors and modern controllers can reduce electrical usage.

Why Choose Our Modernization Service

  • Lower energy bills thanks to more efficient technologies and systems.

  • Cost savings from avoiding downtime for repairs.

  • Enhanced passenger ride quality with smoother acceleration and deceleration, as well as minimal noise and vibration.

  • An increase to the value of your building with more modern, updated equipment.

  • Space savings from modern motors, drives and controllers that generally have smaller footprints.

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