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Elevator Safety Service

Ensuring elevator systems are compliant and safe with our expert inspection and support services

Manufacturers and operators of lifting systems must be confident that elevator constructions are designed and maintained to safely and reliably carry people, freight or equipment as well as meet all standardized regulatory mandates.As an authorized inspection agency, we can perform the comprehensive series of inspections legally required of your specific type of elevator. We are also ready to assist in matters related to elevator design, construction and modification as well as provide training courses for elevator operators.With the support of our experts, you can rest assured that your elevators are both compliant and operating safely.Take advantage of our expertise and make your appointment today!
Keep your elevator systems secure with extensive expert inspection
Our elevator inspection services help you to attain the highest quality and operational standards for your elevator equipment and systems. We make sure that you are compliant with all industrial safety and health regulations requirements and keep installation costs at a minimum starting in the planning phase. Our wide range of inspection and support services ensure a high level of safety, identifying hidden defects or material wear early on to prevent accidents and preserve the value of your assets.
As the elevator industry continues to evolve, modern technology evolves with it. With new, innovative elevator systems being developed every year, it is more important than ever that builders and elevator inspectors understand the ins and outs of a thorough, tested, and proven safety code. An elevator safety code they can rely on.
We can test and inspect a wide range of lifting systems, including:

Lifts intended for the transport of persons

Elevators for disabled persons

Freight elevators

Construction elevators

Facade elevators

Hydraulic elevators

Cable elevators


Ensuring elevator safety is a process that begins at the design stage and continues throughout the elevator system’s lifespan. Whether you’re a builder or architect, a property manager looking to keep your elevators up to code, or a building owner with the safety of your passengers as your top priority, we can help. Call +91-9818777371 today.

Why Choose Our Safety Service

  • Assessment of risk analyses.

  • Training and qualification of lift maintenance operators

  • Enhanced new technology for elevator safety.

  • Risk and condition assessment

  • Continuous periodic inspections

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