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Maintenance of Elevator

Our commercial and residential elevator services are the backbone of our organization. We take tremendous pride in upholding the principles our company was founded on by bringing a level of personalized care and attention that has escaped our industry.
With a seasoned team of expert elevator technicians, we are fully prepared with an extensive inventory of 7,000+ spare parts to provide repairs, maintenance, inspection and testing services for nearly every elevator brand in operation. We have the fastest response and repair completion times because no other company in New England has the same level of parts inventory on hand.
Elevator maintenance plans help avoid costly, large repairs and replacements of elevator parts, which ultimately saves our customers money and avoids problematic breakdowns, which cause elevator downtime. Our elevator maintenance plans are specifically designed to keep systems running consistently by finding, diagnosing and fixing problems before they cause a shutdown.

Sometimes things happen between scheduled maintenance visits, but FM Elevator has you covered. We have over 60 service technicians spread out across Massachusetts ready to help you. Have you ever had a service provider show up on site to make a repair and tell you “we’ll be back” with parts or another technician? Our goal is to minimize “be-backs,” or multiple visits to your site to fix the same problem. Minimizing “be-backs” decreases cost and elevator downtime for our customers. We deploy a mobile inventory of spare parts in each of our service vans and our highly-trained route technicians are equipped to handle quick elevator repairs — ensuring your elevator is fixed during the first visit so you can keep tenants happy by avoiding long-term shutdowns.

We provide emergency repair service 24/7/365 for residential and commercial elevators. FM Elevator’s Repair Department is designed to get your elevator back up and running as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. We take a consultative approach and walk our customers through each step of the process, from creating a scope of work, applying for permits and scheduling the work around building tenant needs.

To ensure optimal operation, your elevator system requires regular inspections and testing. Failing to have routine inspections performed by a qualified elevator professional can lead to shutdowns and reliability issues, which can ultimately cause safety concerns. Also, each jurisdiction has specific elevator testing requirement. FM Elevator has the most robust elevator service organization in New England to perform full, in-depth elevator inspections and then quickly remedy any problems so that your facility stays running smoothly.

A safe and reliable elevator is core to maximum uptime and tenant satisfaction. Our service plans are an investment specifically designed to address elevator problems before they arise, preventing breakdowns and expensive repairs that could arise in the future.
We understand that a safe and reliable elevator is core to tenant satisfaction which is why we offer the most comprehensive full maintenance program in the industry. FM Elevator maintenance plans are an investment specifically designed to address elevator problems before they arise, preventing breakdowns and expensive future repairs.

Why Choose Our Maintenance Services

  • Elevator Connectivity to the Internet (IoT)

  • 24*7 Mechanic Availability.

  • Initial Service Transition Process and Strategy.

  • Emergency Overtime Coverage

  • Reporting and Documenting Capabilities

  • References and Past Project Completions

  • Customer Service and Communication Capabilities

  • Performance Expectations with Elevators

  • Willingness to Sign a Contract That Includes Performance Details

  • Partnering With an Elevator Consultant

  • Negotiate the Best Contract

  • Proprietary vs. Non-proprietary Elevator Software and Parts

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