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Flying Machine Elevator Industries is a leading Manufacturer of Elevators / Dumbwaiters which are definitely a boon to large commercial organizations like hotels, restaurants etc. They can be designed to suit a specific application like carrying mails, food & other light weight stuff.A small freight elevator is often called a dumbwaiter, mostly used for the taking of the small items such as dishes in a 2-storey kitchen or books in a multi-storey rack assembly. We have installed dumb waiters at renowned resorts, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and banks in India.Carrying heavy loads up and down staircases can take a lot of time, especially in hotels that offer room service, and this can cause other important duties to be neglected. A dumbwaiter can transport things to the required floor quickly and safely, allowing staff to ensure that other tasks are completed to the required standard.

Key Benefits

The dumbwaiter was once a popular, high-class society household essential during the early 20th century and were used by kitchen staff in order to transport food from the basement to the dining area. Nowadays, they are used in order to assist employees that work in the service industry. Read on as the Elevators Ltd team go over a few ways that a dumbwaiter could benefit your business.Before the dumbwaiter, employees had to climb several staircases whilst carrying heavy loads. Not only does this strain the back, it can increase the likeliness of a work-related injury. On the other hand, a dumbwaiter offers a great solution; allowing employees to meet the heavy loads on the required floor and therefore reducing work-related injuries.

  • Reduce the risk of back strain and aching muscles
  • Streamline organization and workflow
  • Reduce accidents and injuries
  • Prevent costly Worker's compensation claims
  • Attractive designs fit perfectly with your existing decor
  • Automatic controls from any level
  • Can accommodate openings on 1, 2 or 3 sides
  • Save time by avoiding multiple trips for supplies & equipment