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We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of a wide range of products includes Hydraulic Lifts, Outdoor Lifts, Indoor Lift, Industrial Elevators, Shopping Mall Lifts, Electric Lifts, Commercial Elevators, Passenger Elevators, Mall Elevators, Showroom Lift, Hospital Lift, Automatic Lift,Apartments Lifts, Residential Lift, Home Lift, Apartments Lift, Goods Lift,Car Lifts, Heavy Duty Lift, Material Handling Elevators, Hydraulic Lift etc.
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  • Aviation & Social Service Organizations
  • Medical & Hospital
  • Hotel & Railway
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An Elevator Monitoring System based on the Internet of things

Remote Monitoring for Elevators

The elevator remote monitoring system based on the Internet of things is the application of Internet of things, which focuses on the intelligent supervision system of data collection, data transportation, positioning and communication. The system integrates elevator monitoring, rescue, diagnosis, report and field problem processing. It can effectively improve the field staff's handling and maintenance efficiency.

There is situation about elevator supervision lack of effective technical methods, Based on the function of elevator safety monitoring system, we designed a kind of elevator monitoring system based on the Internet of things. it is introduce a schematic diagram of elevator Internet of things.We introduces the application of elevator Internet of things technology in real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, alarm and maintenance. The building has developed into a trend.It has been developed into a trend as the urban land resources are strained, the elevator became an indispensable vertical transportation tool in people's work and life. Therefore, peoples are focus on the safe, smooth and comfortable of the elevator operation.
At present, most elevators in India only carry out regular inspection and maintenance, and there are only failures or risks to be handled by maintenance personnel. It's not very efficient about this phenomenon wide distribution area of elevator. When the elevator accident, because of the rescue not timely or other reason to the stranded passengers caused a secondary injury. For the above reasons, it is urgent to study how to implement effective monitoring of elevator.

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