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Modernisation helps to support renew the lift lifecycle for the beutiful future of your building.

An lift, building door, like any machine, eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle. Even with regular maintenance and repair, after decades of constant operation - starting more than one lacs times a year and travelling thousands of kilometers - it may need to be replaced or thoroughly modernised.


When is it time to modernize?

It’s time to consider modernisation or repair when…

  • The performance of your lift is becoming unreliable.
  • Passengers and building users complain about lift waiting time.
  • Queues forming in lobby areas.
  • Your maintenance regime continually highlights areas that require attention.
  • Parts are no longer commercially available.
  • Building is being refurbished.
  • The visual appearance is not inline with building aesthetics.
  • The building’s use has changed since the lift was first installed.