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Taking into account the extreme difficulty in negotiating stairs after 3-4 floors, uptime of vertical transportation systems like lifts will be critical. As such, it is obvious that the need for dependable, efficient and cost effective vertical transportation products with zero downtime will increase exponentially. All our products are manufactured to comply with European Lift codes as well as Bureau of Indian Standards and modified as per the rules laid down by Indian lift Acts.

EMERGENCY CALL BACK SERVICES: Low turnaround time, while our experienced technicians are available for your assistance 24-7 to guide you in any case of emergency.

RELIABILITY: Lifts of these makes are used worldwide. More than 200 units are in use alone in Delhi NCR, used in day to day life by thousands of people. FM Elevator products are extremely reliable with a low downtime and service with low turnaround time.

SERVICEABILITY: Our products are easy to service and spares can be supplied within a short lead time.



Acts as a free fall protection gets activated in case of over speed. Holds by mechanically clutching elevator cabin on guide rails, even if ropes are detached from cabin and prevents from free fall.



ARD: - In case of power failure ARD will get activated and will slowly bring lift to nearest landing and open doors for exit.



Acts as a freefall protection in case of over speed or freefall applies motor brakes and activates mechanical safety through an electrical solenoid.



Mechanical device that monitors lift speed and in case of any over speed activates mechanical safety to clutch cabin on guides. A remote OSG release switch should be provided for safety release in case of OSG activation.



In case the lift car gets stuck between floors or elevator breaks down for any reason during travel and no electricity is available. Manual break release rescue will bring lift to nearest landing where doors landing can be opened manually by door keys and passenger can be rescued.



An independent electrical rescue system is provided so as to move elevator car electrically through main supply or battery towards nearest landing where landings doors can be opened mechanically by door keys and passenger can be rescued.



Passenger may need to communicate with someone outside for assistance in case elevator breaks down during travel and passenger is trapped inside elevator car.



Emergency light and fan will activate in lift cabin to facilitate passenger in case auto or manual rescue operation is performed.



Detects passenger alighting or boarding elevator and prevents door from closing and injuring passenger during these times.



Passenger may need to raise alarm for outside assistance in case intercom is not answered or does not work for any reason.








Prevents lift from being operational under overload situation, Loading a lift structure and its mechanism beyond capacity can result in accident.



When activated in case of building fire the elevator returns to designated floor and remains inoperative for passenger safety.