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Hospital elevators are used for simple transportation of a patient on wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on stretcher without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses, smoothly, silently and swiftly, without jerks and shocks. Elevators for medical purpose are vertical transport equipment used in hospital and other relevant places to move patients and surgical instruments. FM Elevator offers Hospital elevator in Auto Door and Manual door operation.


Stretcher Lift

FM Elevator Hospital Elevators Are Designed To Meet Day-to-day Requirements Of A Hospital. The Elevator Car [internal Size: 1600mm X 2400mm] Easily Carries A Standard Hospital Bed. Bulky Hospital Equipment Can Also Be Transported Via An FM Elevator Hospital Elevator.

The Speeds Of A Hospital Elevator Range From 0.40mps To 1.5mps For Large Multi-storeyed Hospitals.

Minimal Operational Sound Ensure The Quiet Atmosphere Of A Hospital Is Not Disturbed By FM Elevator Hospital Elevators.

The Large Internal Size Of The Car Comes In Handy To Transport Beds, Stretchers, Modern Equipment And Machineries.